Butty Buddy Motorcycle Seats

What comes with ButtyBuddy and how does it work?

butty buddy motorcycle seatA. Rotational locking mechanism
B. Positioning stops (4)
C. Positioning stop extensions & bolts (4 ea.)
D. Rubber anti-blow off straps with buckles (2)
E. Set Up Hex Tool (2)
F. Aggressive gripper surface
Assembly and Fitment Set-up on an existing passenger seat

Step 1. While holding the center section and one outer section up-side-down, match the rotating locking mechanism (A) of the two sections of the ButtyBuddy by compressing the cushion edges and simultaneously rotating the 2 sections into the “snap / locked” position. Repeat assembly on other side. (Assembly is quite stiff when new, but will quickly ‘break in’ with use. (A dab “chap stick” applied by fingertip to each of the 12 locking rotors short-steps the break-in)

Step 2. Move the positioning stops (B) to their outermost position in the tracks. Slightly loosen the stops enough that they can be moved in the track, yet remain tight enough to temporarily stay in place as you reposition them.

Step 3. Position the ButtyBuddy onto the motorcycle’s existing passenger seat. Move the positioning stops (B) inward until they are just touching the sides of your motorcycle seat (not pressing it into it). Make sure both pairs of positioning stops are equally spaced left to right at the correct width to fit your seat and tighten securely with the enclosed hex tool (E). These stops maintain and provide instant repeat positioning over your existing seat, and you never need to move them again unless fitting it to a different seat. DO NOT USE POWER TOOLS.

Step 4. If the motorcycle seat is wider than the maximum reach of the positioning stops (B), you will note the positioning stop bumpers are offset, so they can be loosened and rotated 180° to allow an extra 1 1⁄2 inches of width between the stops.

Step 5. Place the ButtyBuddy upon your motorcycle seat. The positioning stops (B) should just be touching the sides of the seat, not gouging into it. The ButtyBuddy seat will grip the sides of your seat snugly as the passenger’s weight causes downward / inward rotation of the stops, while simultaneously expanding your seat cushion outward. If your seat happens to be very low profile at the rear, you will need to remove the extensions (C) from the positioning stops, using the hex tools (E) and shorter bolt (all enclosed).

Make sure all the initial adjustments have been made and securely tightened to ensure a snug and stable fit. Never use ButtyBuddy on a seat that has been recently treated with lubricant type conditioners such as “Armor-all” etc, as it may compromise the function of the Gripper Surface (G) on the bottom of the ButtyBuddy seat. Clean the seat with water and dishwashing liquid, or a powerful spray cleaner such “409” etc. to remove any such conditioners. The ButtyBuddy seat is not to be used off-road other or in other rough conditions. As with every other motorcycle passenger seat, a sissy bar is recommended when using your ButtyBuddy. If an unsecured ButtyBuddy is used without a sissy bar, and the passenger should raise up off it at highway speeds, it could blow off. It is therefore recommended when there is no sissy bar, that you use the universal fit nylon anti-blow off straps (D). Never use the ButtyBuddy seat as a hand-hold. WHEN MOUNTING the ButtyBuddy, stand on the foot pegs first, then sit squarely down on the BB seat. DISMOUNT in the same way…never ‘roll off’ one side of the BB seat.



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