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R. Abrams, Prosperity, SC

My wife has put a lot of miles on her BB seat and says she loves it and seldom rides without it!
J. Godby, Costa Mesa CA

We received our butty-buddy last week, and it is great. For the first time since my wife & I have been riding, she has lasted as long as I have--actually she said her butt didn't hurt when I had to stop because mine did. Great product!
S. Lee, Clinton Utah

We Received the Butty Buddy in time for my wife and I to go to Biketoberfest in Daytona...now she loves me again thanks to that gizmo...besides that...it was a 10 minute install on my stock 02 Night Train to boot...and...not a scuff or
scratch to the bike seat...its all you said and more...THANKS so MUCH
R. Tournat, Jacksonville, FL

My Husband and I just took an all day ride. I didn't think I could do it as I'm missing two discs in my lower back. With my Butty Buddy seat I was comfortable all day and had no pain the following day either. I LOVE my Butty Buddy seat!!
K. Syrell. Wolcott, NY

The wife loves this seat, really nice piece of engineering!
J. Bueller, Sedona, AZ

I am so happy that we were told about the Butty Buddy. I haven't ridden with my husband for two years since it was always so painful on my behind. I started pressuring him to trade in the HD Springer for a Road King Custom like we had before. He mentioned this to a friend whom had bought the BB for his wife to use and his friend let him borrow it for us to try. I was skeptical at first but on the first try, I was already impressed with the fact that during the same distance with the Springer seat where I'd be already begging to get off, the BB felt so good and got so excited that I asked my husband to go on the next Harley Davidson ride. We did go on the ride (for September 11th) and I don't feel any pain whatsoever. I wish I knew about the Butty Buddy two years ago!!
Angela Corpuz, Toto, Guam

I rode on the back to Laughlin, NV which is about 100 miles each way. I didn't even feel like I had been riding. Great!! Then mid May, we road 300 miles each way to Huntington Beach, CA. I was amazed. I was less sore than when riding in the car. The big test came in August, which was why I purchased it. We road over 5000 miles all together over a period of two weeks. From Vegas to Montana and back. My legs got a little sore, but my rear end, which was usually where I had the most problem, was fine. This is the most amazing product. Easy to assemble and remove and it is magic. Thanx so much!!! Our trip was great. I was very nervous about it, as I am 50 something and never took a ride like this. After the first day, the ride comfort was the least of my worries.
J. Belden, North Las Vegas NV

I purchased the butty buddy for my 2009 Yamaha vstar 950 at bike week Daytona. We went with the over the over the seat set up the wife loves it! Thanks for a great product
M. Groser, Jacksonville FL

Great seat! We use it on our 750 Honda Shadow Spirit. Now my husband asks for butt breaks before I do!!
A Gargano, Gilford, NH

I purchased the butty buddy the week before leaving for a 3 day trip. My husband put it on the bike the day it came and also it was the same day we were leaving. I was kind of worried about putting this on for our trip being I was not use to it. I had no problem getting use to it and we traveled 500 miles in the 3 days and I loved every minute of our ride. I was always so sore with the small seat on our bike but now I have no soreness and love to ride. I would recommend this seat to anyone. It is well worth the money. Thank you butty buddy!
D. Myers, Wapwallopen, PA

Hi, I purchased a Butty Buddy in Daytona, Oct, 2009. I LOVE IT!!!! Just
got back from WV, road over 500 miles, have never done that before now!!
Had the bike for 10 years!!!
M. Fogleman, Rocky Mount NC

I love the Butty Buddy!!! I could never go for a ride for longer than 30 mins on our 2008 Harley Davidson Night Train before the Butty Buddy. Now I can go for long rides and enjoy them!! Thank you and my butt thanks you!!
A McGloin, Stoughton, MA

I have had spinal surgery and was not able to ride on our bike for more than 30 or 40 minutes. Now I can ride for hours with no problem. It was so easy to fit on our Honda Shadow Aero. We cannot thank you enough!
K. Snook, Elizabethton TN

It only took 15 min. for my wife to say this BuddyBuddy seat is a keeper. Thanks a ton for a great idea! Carl & Michele
C. DeLembo, Willoughby Hills, OH

I purchased your seat for my wife 4 years ago and she loves it. Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you! Not only is the seat exceptional but your sales service is exceptional also!!!! Thanks again for keeping my wife happy!!
B. Kauffman, York PA

The aftermarket seat I put on my Softail standard fit me, and looks good on my bike, but it sure didn't go over too well with the wife. Thank you for saving her butt and mine too!!! Happy Wife, Happy Life. Thank you Butt Buddy!!!
S. Strader, Eden, NC

This seat saved my butt big time!!! Before I would have pain and numbness & now I went on a Motorcycle run for Lymphoma & Lukemia Cancer and it was 90 miles with NO PAIN!!! now I have others that saw my seat and they want one too... wouldn't ride without it EVER. Thanks!
L. Veches, Farmington IL

The ButtyBuddy seat is great! I got it on Friday and we took it out on Saturday to try it out and I could tell right away that it was going to work. It acts like a shock absorber also I didn't feel every little bump plus my weight is supported equally on the seat, I am excited to go for a long ride with it now.
J. Laprarie, Granada, CA

With just a narrow fender pad on my custom hardtail, my wife hated to ride any distance unless we made several stops on the way. We purchased your bare fender seat and my wife said that this seat rocks and gives the support and cushion that she needs on that hardtail. The bumps in the road are no problem. Now she can relax and enjoy the ride without a sore backside. Thanks for making a awesome product!!!!!!!!
W. Shumaker, Wilmington OH

I found the Butty Buddy on the internet by chance and have to admit that I was cautiously intrigued by what I saw. I held off on a purchasing one until I could research this seat better. I read COUNTLESS testimonials and decided to purchase one for my wife. She could only ride on the stock seat for about a half hour. The day we received the Butty Buddy, we took a ride for an hour and a half and never got off the bike. While not wanting to judge the Butty Buddy too soon, we took a ride the next day for an hour and my wife loves it. I am here to to tell you that this seat WORKS. Thank you for a great product, but even more so for the the Roman Road pamphlet that come with the Butty Buddy. I know we made the right choice in buying your product. May God bless you.
T. Corn, Rochester IN

I just wanted to let you know, I was skeptical when I first saw it out of the box, but, I love it!!!
So far, we only took a short trip, about 100 miles up and then 100 back the next day, but I hadn't ridden for a while and I get sore riding around town in the car. We are taking a 300 mile trip from Vegas to Huntington Beach this weekend, loving mu ButtyBuddy seat!!!!!
J. Belden, Las Vegas NV

My Wife was not sure about it till we went on an extended ride (300 klms) on our Yamaha XVS1300, and then she ended up very happy with the seat. It arrived just a few days after order in Australia which included the Easter break in the middle, so good delivery to OZ, thanks.
B. McCallum, Nelson Bay, NSW

Hi, We bought one 2 or 3 years ago and we use it all the time. Before had my ButtyBuddy, when I went on a long trip [even after stopping every hour] my butt was numb and aching after the first 2 hours. I had borrowed a sheepskin gel seat from my brother and it didn't help a bit. I love my Butty Buddy! Thank You!
T. Pittman, Louisburg, NC

I don’t know if it is a 1000 mile seat yet, but it is very soft and did improve my wife’s ride time and distance considerably. She is very pleased with the seat and she likes to ride much longer now. The seat is off and on the bike really quick just as advertised, thanks for a good thing.
D. Livingston, Lakeland FL

I have just put the BB seat on my Solo Road King Classic and am impressed with the suction grip on fender behind my solo seat.
I thought my friends and fellow passengers might be skeptical, but once they tried it they really liked it.
T. Maki, Great Falls MT

My wife broke her tailbone many years ago, so most motorcycle passenger seats are very uncomfortable for more than a 30 minute ride. She ordered herself a Butt Buddy for the back of our 2009 Yamaha Vstar 950 and she can ride on it all day without any discomfort.
B. Stauf, Canton GA

My boyfriend has a Big Dog Pitbull and he broke the seat trying to put new suction cups in it, and with the weather changing I'm so ready to ride. We ordered a ButtyBuddy for me and I am more comfortable than ever! I will put in a good testimonial and make sure all our bike riding friends, and facebook family knows what a good expierience I've had with your company.
Thank you again
M. Platt, Topeka KS

Even with the seat provided by H-D Road King, my wife had an uncomfortable ride. I seen the ButtyBuddy advertised and heard good things of it so thought we could give it a try. Since she has been riding it, there have been no complaints. Great product, I would recommend it to anyone!
K. Brown, Lulling, La

Hi Friends,
I don’t have a picture of my wife sitting on her Buddybuddy seat because we’re too busy having fun riding to stop and take pictures. My wife loves the comfort of the Buttybuddy and the price really made it affordable. I got it for her as a Christmas present and she is very happy.
D. Rader, Abbotsford BC

This is the best thing since ice water! My wife was only good for an hour or so of riding, then complained for two days after about her tailbone hurting. So I saw the butty buddy in a magazine a thought it had to be worth a try. Wow makes a world of different for her, now we can ride longer then the bike can run on a tank of gas, several days in a row. No more complaining. Now she just wants to ride and ride. She makes the riding route's longer and longer. Thank you for such a great product.
S. & J. Anderson, Houston, TX

Thanks for my ButtyBuddy! Went put it on the bike and went for a ride today, and I am in LOVE LOVE!
K. Boyington, Port Orchard, WA

I used my butty buddy seat for the first time, this past Saturday. We didn't ride long because of time restraints, but I can already tell it is worth the money. It was so comfortable. I can only imagine how it is going to be be on a long ride!
S. M. McLendon. Palo Alto, CA

My husband loved the look of the seat he has on his bike but the ride was just horrible for me. We purchased the Butty Buddy to use until we could select a new seat, and guess what? We are no longer planning to replace the seat on our bike. He got the look he loves and I got the ride I need. The Butty Buddy saved us hundreds of dollars! Thank you! Thank you!
T. Hamby, Greeneville SC

We gave my new Butty Buddy a work out today. Took a ride that normally requires 2 stops for me and my tushy... made it non-stop!!! Love it!! we were on the bike for 7 hours today and my tail bone doesn't hurt a bit. After the first 56 miles, it was like I'd only been on the back for 10 miles.
S. Sea, Port Ritchie, FL

My ButtyBuddy seat is the one that goes over my existing seat. It felt different under me at first aut after the first 35 miles or so I was used to it... and it's so worth it. Plus as a licensed rider myself, I like the extra view... It raises me slightly higher and I no longer have to look around his head to see the road. Thanks again!
S. Saul. Greeneville PA

We took a long ride (1700 miles) on my Victory Kingpin before the butty buddy. My wife she would never do that again as that passenger seat is not meant for a long distance rides. We went for another several hundred mile ride using the Butty Buddy seat just a few days ago and my wife said the seat made a gigantic difference, according to her it is amazingly comfortable. It was well worth the money to keep my wife happy!
E. Morelli, Gilbert SC

My bike vibrates really bad, and the butty buddy is by far the best suction cup fender seat I have found for my passenger. Thanks

T. Olsen, Jacksonville FL

Bought one at Daytona Bike week. Best passenger seat ever on my Big Dog. Very comfortable!

A Morin, Cape Coral, FL

I first wish to congratulate you on the incredible initiative, wisdom and panache of the "ButtyBuddy" invention. Attached are two of my own bikes with "horrible" rear seats. My ex-wife and I used the "Smith Bros. and Fetro" on left during 90m ride to St. Louis Mo. I later traded this motorcycle for a Honda Civic for her. If I had a "Butty Buddy" then I might still have the Harley and she might still be Mrs. James.
Again of behalf of all the wonderful tushes you save. Thank you!
K. James, Palmer Lake, CO

My has put a lot of miles on her BB seat and says she loves it and seldom rides without it!
J. Godby, Costa Mesa CA

Just have to say that you ROCK!!! I have this seat on my 2008 Yamaha Raider. I first saw you at Daytona Bike Week (Destination Daytona) and later ordered one online. She loves the seat and your customer service is awesome! Thanks A Million!!!!!!
Mark Williams, St Augustine, FL

Just have to say that you ROCK!!! I have this seat on my 2008 Yamaha Raider. I first saw you at Daytona Bike Week (Destination Daytona) and later ordered one online. She loves the seat and your customer service is awesome! Thanks A Million!!!!!!

Mark Williams, St Augustine, FL

I LOVE THIS SEAT, I HAD TO COME UP W/THE MONEY WHICH WAS HARD BUT THANK GOD I DID! I WAS WORRIED ABOUT WASTING IT, BUT IT WAS A VERY GOOD INVESTMENT. I had a broke tail bone several years ago and when I rode we would have to stop about every 10 miles, and even with that I was in a lot of pain. I got my Butty Buddy seat about 2 weeks ago and it is amazing! We have a 250 Honda Rebel and it fits great, not hard to adjust and put on. It is really worth the money. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH AND GOD BLESS!!!!
Joy Deal, Atlanta GA

Due to the weather I have only been able to try out my ButtyBuddy twice so far and it has made a huge difference. I have a bad back and hip and after 30-45 minutes of riding my leg always started to fall asleep. With the ButtyBuddy I did not have that problem after going on a ride for one and half hours yesterday :) I also felt a lot more centered and stable on the back of the bike. My husband is glad it worked out well for me so I don't complain so much :) I can't wait to use it on longer rides to come.
Jody Burnett, Alamogordo NM

I just wanted to say thank you!!! We took a 4,000 mile trip to Sturgis & surrounding states this summer 2010. My boyfriend has a custom paint job on his 2004 Softail which has won awards so he is very particular about anything touching his bike. My butt never ever got sore! My friends with their "queen-seats" couldn't even handle a 400 mile day! My longest day was 713 miles or 14 hours. Me and my butt did great! Thank you so much!!
Tracey Simpson,Morgan Hill,CA

Yeah! ! ! I finally got me a Butty buddy seat for Christmas!!! I saw these at Sturgis this year (while in pain from a two day ride by the way) and told Gary about it and he acted like he could really give a s _ _ t. :/ I’ve put about 300 miles on this and am actually shocked at how it really does work, it’s all they claim and more! LOVE IT!!!
Jade Kosoko, Spokane WA

Your Seat was very easy to set up on my Victory Vegas. I haven't got a chance to use it yet but am excited about my wife wanting to go riding with me on it.
Jonathan Lorette, Dartmouth NS

She loves her ButtyBuddy seat that we bought at the Knoxville Rally.
We can do many more miles together now!
J. Satterfield, Knoxville TN

My wife and daughter now will not ride with me on my VStar 650
or the Kawasaki without the ButtyBuddy. They've been very happy with it
and my daughter has done some 100 plus mile rides with me.
M. Sease, Exton PA

I purchased a Butty buddy seat for my 2010 Harley Davidson FXD. Now my wife wants to ride all the time with me, she love it! No more complains during rides!!!!
E. Soto, Pembroke Pines FL

Let me tell you what a difference this made for me when riding. My husband and I love to take long rides in the hills and having to stop all the time because my back side would be sore this has made a wonderful difference and now we don't have to stop for me and my pain anymore. So now we have more time for riding and only have to stop when we want too. This is an awesome product and Thanks!!!!
N. Brug, Rapid City SD

I used by Butty Buddy on our2009 Street Glide for the first time on the long ride home from Sturgis. It was awesome. My butt wasn't sore at all after hours of riding!
C. Kessler, Rifle CO

I looked and looked for a solution to my back and tail bone pain. I finally saw your product and it made perfect since to me. You need more support space on the passenger seat not more padding. The gel pads are not much good at all. I ordered it and it is the best thing ever. Great invention! I have let my friends use it. They love it also. One friend is getting ready to order one this week. It is gold to me. I can't say enough about it. Every woman should have one if they are uncomfortable on their bike.
P. Westberry, Colonial Heights, VA

Just want to say Thank you so much for your excellent customer service--it was so nice of you to arrange shipping so that we could have it for the weekend. I am absolutely thrilled with the comfort your seat provides. I could not believe that I had no more soreness after riding. My husband and I will recommend The Butty Buddy to everyone we know that rides. I even like the fact that I am raised up a bit higher so I can see better and enjoy the ride more. Love the name "Butty Buddy" too. Thanks again for such a great product!
K. and B. Chrzanowski, Point Pleasant NJ

My wife loves her ButtyBuddy seat on our Dyna Wide Glide. Before she was always moving around trying to get comfortable. Now I don't even know she is on back. Thanks!
G. Deveau, Clementsport Nova Scotia

Bought for my wife, she LOVED it. It made a 95% improvement over what we were using before. Very stable and comfortable ride for her.
S. Harmon, Morgantown WV

One Word : Hot Damn !!
D. Munir, Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you! My boyfriend bought me a suction cup ButtyBuddy seat. Wow what a great ride that is like that. It felt very secure and there is no movement in that seat. I could've rode forever!
Thanks again!
Joni - Riverside CA

One of our riding buddies bought his wife the BB seat and she raved about it on Sunday. We went on a 200+ mile ride and she wasn't complaining in the least about her seat! So I bought us one at the Knoxville Rally - I've got to get this thing installed soon!
M. Johnson, Knoxville TN

I first used the ButtyBuddy seat on an 02 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak and now on my 02 Yamaha Warrior. My wife also rides so she's used to her bike's seat. When we ride two-up for any distance she wants to use the Butty Buddy because it's more like her full size driver seat than the passenger seat on my bike. Thanks!
Samuel M. Helena MT

I could not believe the added pleasure of riding. My Buttybuddy seat really shows its value after the first 30 minutes or so of riding!
B. Chipman, Benbrook TX

I recently began riding with my new boyfriend on his Rocker C. While I really enjoy riding and spending time with him, I just couldn’t stand it for any time! I had heard a lot of good things about the ButtyBuddy seat, checked out their website site and the rest is history! My ButtyBuddy fits his Rocker perfectly and now I can ride longer than he can! Thanks again for an awesome idea!!
Erica P. Dallas, TX

Very comfortable for my wife! She loves it! The fact that it folds up and stows away is just incredible. Also a nice deal is that it can be used as a seat on hard benches instead of letting your butt fall asleep at the kids games!
Steven H. Depew, NY

The passenger seat on our Honda Trike is rather narrow and very uncomfortable for long trips. With the ButtyBuddy Seat, long trips are now enjoyable. I would recommend this piece of pleasurable seating for all passengers - large or small, young or old. ButtyBuddy a fantastic product, up the good work!
Elaine B. Pearland, TX

This is the greatest seat ever. You never slump over you are always sitting up straight. Do you make any thing like this for the driver of the bike? I would love to be riding on one too!
Nick J. Greenfield, WI

Absolutely the most comfortable seat EVER. I love my ButtyBuddy. :)
Amber C. Happy Valley, OR

We have tried 6 or 7 different seat styles, we even took one of them to an upholstery shop to have them thickened up for more padding. Then my wife and I ran across your seat and decided to order one. Nothing comes close to the comfort of this ButtyBuddy - NOTHING!!!!
Brian C. Glendale, AZ

Hi! I purchased the ButtyBuddy for my Kawasaki Vulcan and my girlfriend is extremely satisfied with the support and comfort it provides. The seat is working out great. You've made a really great product! Thanks for your great customer service.
Gerald H. Lakota, ND

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Butty Buddy. I can now ride for long periods of time with my husband on his Harley. As I am a California girl at heart, I love to go riding and see this beautiful country. I am older and retired and so the padding in my fanny isn't what it used to be. This seat makes my retired years so much more enjoyable. Both my husband and I are so glad we came across your seat. Even when we take the motor home, we mount the Harley on a life in the rear and the Butty Buddy ALWAYS goes with us!
Gail S., Pfafftown NC

My wife loves it. Our Butty Buddy seat makes the longer trips much more comfortable for her.
Ric E. Pittsburg CA

Thank you. My Butty Buddy is very comfortable! At times you actually remember you are on the back of a bike! The ride is enjoyable and no soreness after hours of riding. I highly recommend this... it is a blessing!
Rick H. Fort Myers Beach FL

ButtyBuddy made my wife's life a lot more pleasant because we went from Oxford, OH thru WV, Tenn and did the Tail of the Dragon and Back in 4 days. It provided good butt protection for the bumps and pot holes we occasionally hit. Made her ride more bearable, as we did 13 hours one day, start to finish, including stops. Never would have survived without our buttybuddy. She used it at football games during football season on the metal bleachers. Would recommend!
Daryle A. Oxford, OH

Since we have had this ButtyBuddy seat I have went on a lot more rides with my husband. I will not go anywhere without it. It's almost like my American Express card. Keep up the good work.
Kathy G., Otto, NC

Hi Bob, Refering to our telephone conversation a little while ago. We learned of your Butty Buddy seat when the lady was here had rode from Germany to Norway on it and how real good was her comfort. We are now glad to become a dealer here in Norway and excited to see how the seat will be received by our customers. I hope we receive our shipment quickly. We will visit Daytona this year, and I hope we will find your stand there so that we can say hallo.
Best regards, Svein Erik Simensen Harley-Davidson stfold Norway

I have advanced osteoarthritis and when I ride in a vehicle it is terrible pain to my hip. I don't ride a motorcycle, but my husband suggested trying the Butty Buddy because of the supporting shape. I cannot believe how the pain is alleviated. I use it in my car seat when I am driving or the passenger. I enjoy sightseeing again. This thing works anywhere I sit and I carry it with me in its neat little case. Who needs the pain! Thank you Butty Buddy-
J. King, Knoxville, Tennessee

Before we purchased her ButtyBuddy, my wife would complain after just 45 minutes of riding. Now that she has her ButtyBuddy, she has riding all day without any aches or pains. This product allows us to enjoy riding all day long. Thanks ButtyBuddy!
Mark B
North Port, Florida

This is the best invention ever!!! next to the light bulb. My wife gives 2 thumbs up for this product and I am really happy that I can have her with me on long rides without discomfort. Great job Bob!!. I will highly recommend this to other riders.
J. Banares
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

I’ll start out with all the nagging my ol’ lady was giving me about the small phantom pad I got for her for my bare fender Titan Gecko. I agree with her, greatly. Friends ask me how I could let her sit on that thing, It’s like sitting on a maxi pad. Long story short, I got your ButtyBuddy for her this summer and she now lasts longer than me. We both are super happy with your product and now feel like a promoter for your seat. Your seat is a really a great product and I would tell anyone about it .
Ken K.
Chicago IL

The misses has started to ride with me pillion, but she's complained about the inadequate pillion seat. I looked into the options available to make her ride more comfy, one was spending £400 on a M_ _ _ _ _ _ double touring seat (I love her but come on) then I came across an ad in a mag for the Butty Buddy, it's an adjustable seat 13.5" wide (same as a Harley FatBoy) that will fit over the existing pillion seat or even onto a bare fender with suckers. It's only available direct from the states, it was $149 but there is a winter sale on a $99 (plus $40 International shipping).
Cheshire England

I paid the extra bucks to get 2-day delivery to have it for our local Shiners’ Toy Run. Your product is very well made & made my wife one happy rider!!!!Thanks Folks
William T.
Santee SC

This ButtyBuddy seat was purchased as a Christmas gift for my wife. As the riding season is pretty much done in Pa till late April the seat won't be installed till then. I am impressed with your quick response to my questions and the really fast shipping and your high standards of business. Thank you!
Bill L.
Jeanette, PA

(Reply to inquiry)
A local guy in the riding group has one (ButtyBuddy seat) and his girl friend swears by it. He rides a Road King with a stock seat. He has also loaned it to another guy with a Sporty to try out and now he has bought one also for his wife on the sporty. They both like them.
Fort Worth TX

I refused to change my stock seat, I think anything other than a sprung seat ruins the bones looks. We just got our Butty Buddy the other day for the bones. I took the wife for a little 25 mile ride, and she said she was very comfortable on it and likes it a lot compared to the pillion alone.
Lou in Ohio

Seriously, It works as advertised. It is easily removed and stores in a small tote. I have lent it to a few of my friends for their wife’s /girlfriends and I have never heard anything negative. Actually the last group ride a few of the girls were fighting over who got to use it by doing rock, paper, scissors. I would recommend it.

Moon, Deeeep South, LA

The ButtyBuddy was purchased by my husband for me. It is fantastic. I use it over a Corbin seat. The added height helps me see better, the vibration of the bike is cut down, and best of all I have a much more comfortable ride. We can now travel for many miles without a break. It is wonderfully portable-easy on and off. Perfect solution for us. Highly recommended to any passenger.
Carole C., Ottawa, KS

I bought a Butty Buddy for my wife's butty and she likes it. It's an inexpensive way to go if you don't want to spend money for a new seat. The problem with the C model seat is the fact that the passenger pillon seat is the equivelent of a padded brick and it's not wide enough for most posteriors. The Butty Buddy sits on top of the seat placing the passenger a little higher and gives more comfort because it is wider than the stock seat. If you are unhappy with your seat and you don't want to spend a bunch of money for a new seat because the passenger is uncomfortable then the Butty Buddy is a good solution to the problem IMO.
X-Beast Driver, Mountlake Terrace, WA

Thank you Amy for your quick response! I just received our ButtyBuddy seat and I'm very happy with it! Thanks again...
Arthur D., Barstow CA

My wife was very unhappy with my switch from a Road King to the Big Dog until she got the Butty Buddy. Thanks!
Jeff D., Chesnee, SC

You guys are the greatest! Best product ever, and even greater customer service.
Thanks again
David M.
Mesquite TX

I was never able to ride for longer than an hour at a time and I have so much pain it took all of the joy out of riding. I bought the Butty Buddy to use on my Las Vegas trip and I am amazed at the comfort on pain. I look forward to the ride once again in 2010 I plan to go to all of the major bike runs. Thank you so much for this wonderful seat.
Amy S.
Midway City, CA

After hearing about how everyone’s seat works the best and yadda yadda yadda, I was skeptical about ordering a ButtyBuddy. We now use it whenever we can, my ol’ lady loves it!!!!! Great customer service and all around great product!!!!!
Chris T.
Deplanes. IL

OMGoodness THANK YOU!!!! You guys are a life (butt) saver, I also brag about my Butty Buddy at every bike night and to most females I see!!!! We need advertisement flyers for you guys too!!! We go to all the big events here in North Florida! I am a believer!! I even have 2 herniated disks and have no pain when riding now!
Amy C.
Jacksonville, Florida

When it comes to online shopping - I've never had a better experience than working with you guys. Your website is very informative and so customer friendly. You guys are really quick and really easy to work with. Thank You.
Bob L.
Houston, TX


Over the last year and half my wife has complained about the little 7 ½ inch seat on the back of the Shadow. So I went out on a quest to find a replacement seat to provide her comfort and enable her to take longer rides with me and Thumper... I checked out... (a variety of expensive aftermarket seats)... While I was looking thru Road Bike magazine I saw an ad for "Butty Buddy - The Thousand Mile Seat". I thought this might be what we were looking for. I visited their website Butty Buddy and started reading about the seat... What I liked is that the seat is easily removed and comes with its own carrying case... That way when I am on a solo ride I can store the seat in its case... The "Butty Buddy gives my wife much more seating area and a higher level of comfort... The seat took about 5 minutes to put together and install on top of my stock seat. I then went into the house got my wife and away we went... I was bound and determined to see how she liked it. She absolutely loved it. Over supper I heard her tell her girl friend how excited she was about the seat. I was relieved and happy. I would have to say the Butty Buddy was a good buy!

This is what the seat looks like installed over my stock Honda seat.

Alec and Cindy S.
Eastover, SC

Just wanted to say how satisfied we are with the Butty Buddy. I have Suzuki C-90, and the seat fits perfectly with the "positioning stops" turned around and set out at the widest opening. Couldn't be easier! The first day we had it, we put in 250 miles of a combination of Interstate and State highways. Not one complaint from the rear seat! We have almost 1000 miles on it now since August, and she won't even ride to the store without it! If anyone doubts the value of a Butty Buddy, feel free to give them my contact info. You have a customer for life.
George O., Decatur, IL

We purchased your product a little over a year ago and loved it. My wife and Idiscovered your product while at Bike Week. After riding a full day on my small but sleek pillion seat, my wife was sore and dissapointed with the weekend. It was not at all fun for her. We tried to buy the Butty Buddy while at the event but due to the last day yall had already left. The day we got home however we purchased our own Butty Buddy on line. Since then we have enjoyed riding togeather and even commute to work on the bike. I have had many people ask me what the seat was and where they can get it and i always reccomend the product.
William C., Chester PA

First I want to say congratilations with your seat. My wife love's it, in combination with a sissy bar, there are no complaints anymore. Everywere I go people ask me were I got this seat and when My wife tells them that it realy is a good product, they want to have it too. it just is the best passenger seat out there at a very reasonable price .
Bruges, Belgium.

My husband recently bought me this seat for our bike. It is absolutely wonderful! Now I can ride the whole day. Before we had this seat, I tried a gel pad, which helped somewhat, but wasn't wide enough to prevent the numbness. I find this seat amazing. Thank you for inventing it.
Paula M.
Trumbull. Ct

Just got one for my wife last week. She has hip problems and needs a much wider seat. I have an 09 Road King Classic which has the narrow passenger pillion. I had even had the seat modified by MeanCityCycles with the comfort rider option for the passenger. I should have gone for the wide mod because it did not widen it enough for her to be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, they did a great job and I really like what they did with the driver seat. I can ride all day without butt burn.

I thought I would try one last thing for the wifie and get the Butty Buddy. Got it last Friday and we went for a three hour ride yesterday. She told me she felt like she could go on long rides now because this seat was very comfortable and supported her well. In fact when we got home she was shocked that we were gone three hours. Usually after about an hour she was at the point she could barley walk. With the Butty Buddy she had no problems at all. Thank Butty Buddy! I can now take my wife with me on those long away from home trips. I think that's a good thing, right guys?

I bought a ButtyBuddy seat before I went on a 5000 mile trip through the midwest and just returned home on Sunday, August 23rd. I knew I would need something that worked majorly while riding "B" with my husband. It worked out great!!! I was really impressed. My knees are pretty much all that felt worse for wear from this long trip. I can even say that my hind quarters really didn't bother me.
'Stewbabie' Stanley, NC

leaving this morning on a 2-up trip from Calgary to Whitefish Montana 883C, windshield, throwover bags, Kuryakyn gran tour trunk, rack, sissy bar and backrest, Butty Buddy seat for the Mrs. ( A MUST have), small tank bag for phone, wallet, etc. Good to go. We've done about 8500 miles in the last 2 months with her on that seat. Works just fine.
Calgary, Canada

Amy, Thanks again for getting my ButtyBuddy seat shipped and here in time for our road trip. You guys customer service rocks, and I just wonder why someone didn’t invent something like this years ago! Just wanted to let you know I got it and we logged over a thousand miles last week and it worked so wonderfully for me. This thing has changed my world, seriously!!
Carrie P.
Medina, OH

I wanted to tell you how thrilled my wife is with her new Buddy! We love to ride, but she would start squirming on my Sportster within a 1/2 hour of leaving home. The seat arrived on Tuesday, and we did a 500 mile ride yesterday with it. She was ready for another 200; me, not so much. She's happy because she so comfortable; I'M happy because she's happy! Thanks again for a great product! I think we sold a half dozen of them for you during gas stops; there were a LOT of people taking down your contact information

Wayne R. Alberta Canada

Jane S.
Whiting, NJ

I ordered a bare fender application Butty Buddy for my wife after our last long ride and her complaining about the P-pad I had on the fender for her. Imagine my surprise when it showed up on our doorstep two days after ordering (she loves it by the way)...then I checked the address, and I could have just jetted over and picked one up, as I'm stationed at Fort Campbell, KY (live in Clarksville, TN)...

Great product, we'll break it in more this weekend on a poker run.
P.S. Thanks again for my military discount.

Joe H.
Clarksville, TN

First ride my Wife took, of any distance at all, was about an hour long. At about 45 minutes she developed some discomfort at her Coccyx which...KNOCK IT OFF! THAT'S HER TAILBONE!!....remained uncomforabe for the rest of the ride to our destination and the entire return trip. She was still tender the next day.

I asked if anyone had experience with the Butty Buddy and a couple of you knew someone who had one and liked it. Now you know someone else who has one and likes it!

Yesterday, we rode for an hour and a half and I was less comfortable than her! We got a Butty Buddy and it works GREAT!!! We ran a total of 165 miles, 20 on some pretty rough road, and she says she was never uncomfortable. Best thing we've bought for the C-50 yet! You can see it at buttybuddy.com
Cardinal, Master at Arms
Central CA

Just wanted to say thanks the buttybuddy seat works great teresa said thank you to i could tell it was working by the way the bike road she didn't have to move around as much,i will give the brochures out you gave me you were a answer to one of our prayers GOD BLESS
Fank and Teresa H.
Chattanooga TN

"Got one for my wife for her birthday in April of this year. To say my wife loves it is a tremendous understatement. She is not a "petite" lady and the stock pylon would give her about 30 minutes tops before she wanted to jump off the back. Needless to say it cut our ride time down considerably. With her "butty buddy" she can and has ridden for hours on end and never complains about a sore butt anymore. I actually had to do a modification (homeboy) to my stock seat just to keep up. Get it! You will not be sorry."
Sgt. Mike,
Washington County ,md

Thank you guys,
I really appreciated your quick responses to my questions. Your customer service is first rate. I also appreciated the Bible tract with my order. It's always nice to meet another Brother in Christ

David D.
Alturas, Ca

We received the complementary ButtyBuddy Seat you sent for my son (who has MS) on the 14th and was able to give it to him on the 16th. Right away we placed it on his scooter and he spent the afternoon on it. He used it most of the day on the 17th and on the 18th used it on his scooter and then in the car for the 172 mile ride back to his home. (His son drove him to my place on Sat and home on Mon. as he no longer has the ability to drive himself.) He asked me to write and thank you so much for your consideration and generosity and wanted me to tell you that it eased his tailbone, spine and fanny a great deal. As he must spend all of his time either sitting or laying the relief he felt was deeply appreciated, not only by him but by me, his mom. Perhaps this will open up a new avenue for your seats, instead of just for the use on cycles and bikes.
Again, my son and I thank you for your generosity and a great product.
Sincerely, Norma J. P.
Roscommon, MI

I love my ButtyBuddy!! My boyfriend had a custom paint job on his bike that he likes to show off and this works perfect for both of us! Loved the Christian trac also!
God Bless,
Tracey S.
Morgan Hill, Ca

Just wanted to tell you that I love my ButtyBuddy. We got it at Daytona 2009 Bike week to go on my husband’s BIG DOG, and it has been a life saver. I wouldn't hardly ride with him on it before getting the ButtyBuddy but I sure do now. Thanks so much
Melinda and Bear
Little Rock, AR

Hi Bob,
We Purchased our ButtyBuddy seat there at your warehouse in Maryville on 5-14-09. It does the job and I am really enjoying it! It is definitely BUTT APPROVED!

Re: Butty Buddy,
I previously could only tolerate 1/2 hour at a time, without stopping. But after about 3 or 4 such stops, I'd about had it. When we returned home, I could barely get off the bike, I was in so much pain. The bike we had before (Honda Spirit 750) had a $750 upgraded seat on it, and it was no better. I was searching on-line and discovered Butty Buddy from Tennessee. I got my husband to check out the specs, not wanting to buy anything that might damage the existing seat. We ordered it, and have been using it since last spring. I am absolutely thrilled with it. I can now ride until we WANT to stop, not having to stop to relieve the pain. It's looks are deceiving, as it's only 13" wide and only lightly padded....but it does the trick....the passenger seat on our Yamaha VStar 1100 is only 7" wide...I'm amazed at what an extra 5" does to relieve stress on the upper thighs. I HIGHLY recommend it!! Does anybody know of a dealer in Ontario?? as my daughter would like one, and doesn't want to order out of the country unless she absolutely has to.
Marge C.
Ontario Canada

The misses has started to ride with me pillion, but she's complained about the inadequate pillion seat. I looked into the options available to make her ride more comfy, one was spending £400 on a Mustang double touring seat (I love her but come on ) then I came across an ad in a mag for the Butty Buddy, it's an adjustable seat 13.5" wide (same as a Harley FatBoy Driver seat) that will fit over the existing pillion seat or even onto a bare fender with suckers. It's only available direct from the states, it was $149 (plus $40 shipping). Got the ButtyBuddy last week and we took it for a test ride. The initial set up takes 10 minutes, but once it's set up you can fit it in 30 seconds. The grips that grip the seat are locked in position with allen keys. For extra security there are extra straps too. Before we set off the misses sat on it and I gave it a good tug (ooo pardon) for our peace of mind, and there's no way that it will budge. The misses said it's a revelation, nice wide comfy seat and it raises her up a bit for a better view of the road. It's safe, well made, comfy and it stops the wife nagging about her numb ass and aching back.
Cheshire England

Hi there,
It's the last Saturday of Daytona 2009, and we found you at Destination Daytona. THANK YOU for coming. I have finally gotten the "Seat of my Dreams". Even though I had previously only sat on one a few months ago, I was really wanting one of my own. I was able to ride many more miles than ever. We rode the "long" way home back to Deltona by taking the Loop.....when we stopped to eat dinner, I was still ready to ride. I rode home without NEEDING a butt break. I was comfortable and truly enjoyed riding the long distance for the first time in years. I used to measure the distance home by landmarks, tonight I got to enjoy the sunset.THANK YOU for this wonderful invention.
Hope you all had a wonderful Bike Week.

Deltona, FL

I have been looking for you all over the place. Ran into a lady in Suches,Ga. (we live near there!) and I saw this odd looking thing on her bike and asked her about it, I too was having butt problems. Felt like someone was running a steel rod up my tail bone without numbing it! She proceeded to tell me she had disk surgery on her back and she found you guys and now she can ride and ride and ride.....We are constructing our concession booth to sell M/C leathers, and acessories and would like to help other women who suffer dearly from this god awful pain that men just don't get! I have arthritis and Fibromyalgia and absolutely love being able to to ride without crying at the end of the day. Long trips were out....no way, not unless there was a two day layover and a whole lot of fussing on the way home.
Tks, Sherri E.
Helen GA

Hello, I just wanted to tell you this is a great product. My wife could only handle about an hour of riding before she was numb and hurting on the backside. But after using your product I have to rest my backside before she does, she can ride all day now. Thanks for a great product.
Condy A.
Middlesboro, KY

Just used the seat on a trip from Tucson, AZ to Laughlin, NV and Oatman, AZ, then back to Tucson. My tail bone and butt never hurt once. I have already recommended this seat to several women. Hope their men don't mind the little pink heart on the seat. At first mine did and threatened to black it out, but he is happy I can go with him on longer trips and I don't hurt. Thank you.
Barbara K.
Tuscon, AZ

I purchased a Butty Buddy in Myrtle Beach 2 dats ago. We have a custom chopper with a 360 tire and bare fender. My butt was always hurting with the small suction seat, but not anymore! This is the bomb! In fact... we were out riding and stopped for a beer, tied our Harley jackets on the front of the bike, left the seat on, came back and someone stole my seat... but left the Harley jackets. A VALUABLE SEAT!!! Needless to say I went to get another the next morning. Butty Buddy does a body good!
LaMar R.
Youngsville, NC

About a month ago I purchased your 1000 mile seat. Since the wife rides with me while using the seat, I no longer feel her rising off the seat when she sees tar strips or uneven roads. She is more willing to ride again. As for the 1000 miles, I don't know, but 150 miles is no longer a pain in the butt. If and when we hit 250 or 300 miles, I'll let you know.
Thanks for a good product so far.
Donald D.
West Grove, PA

First of all THANK YOU for saving my tailbone and legs!!! You have made our Riding season the most enjoyable! We have rode over 2,000 miles this summer with our seat and it has defiantly lived up to it words, "Forget gel pads and air cushions." I recommend this seat to any passenger.
Safe and Happy Riding,
Chasity C.
Dayton, Ohio (GO BUCKS!)

This is Cyndi's BUTT coming to you live from Bartonville, IL. I wanted to let all of you know that I am a very happy butt! I got my Butty Buddy today and I just took a ride around the block on our bike with my new seat and boy did it feel good, I asked my husband’s butt to take a road that is known to me as a very bumpy path and a real pain in the ass well..... I just glided right on down the road. I have to get used to the different feel, but you know us butts are pretty good about change so I'm sure it’s going to work out for me. So... here is to all the happy butts in Bartonville, IL and to all the happy butts every where. Keep up to great work!!!

P.S. I just hope my new ButtyBuddy seat doesn't make me look fat
Cyndi - Bartonville, IL

Our seat came in just after I sent you this e-mail.
The wife tried it out this week end and it worked out great!
Nolan T., Cedar City, Utah

Just to give you an update on the seat. I LOVE IT. My trip worked out great for our long ride. I rode on the bike for 12 hrs. in one day, and this made my boyfriend very happy, considering that I didn't even want to ride on the bike for any amount of time longer that 1 hr. prior to purchasing the seat We really enjoy being able to know that no matter what trip we plan to go on from now on, I will enjoy the ride and the scenery, instead of complaining about my butt.
-Dawn G., Toledo Oh
Clinical Team/Surgical Counselor

To anyone interested in buying a Butty Buddy. It will be the best money you have ever spent. Your bottom will Love it and and hubby will Love it too. If you are a woman, tiny or not so, this is the ultimate seat for you. I have used my Butty Buddy on a two seater that my husband liked for the bike, now when he recustoms his bike again we will be using the Butty Buddy on the bare fender.

I will be using on another two seatter however I wanted to show your customer how versitile it can be. I really want to thank you for going over and above on customer service, and if my husband does go to a one seater I won't care, and my bottom will still Love me.
Thank you again. A Loyal customer.
Rosemary, Ontario, Canada

Hi guys,
Great product. Never seen anything like it!
Robert G. Cartersville Ga.

Hi, I want to thank whoever invented this. I LOVE MY BUTTY BUDDY! My hubby and I are members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, and we bought this so I could really enjoy the rides. I got it in on Thursday put it on the bike Saturday morning for our chapter ride and rode 250 miles today and there is not a sore place anywhere. I highly recommend this for anyone riding as a passenger on any bike. I was so comfortable and relaxed today. This is the first ride we have done on our 2001 Victory 92c that i was smiling and singing the whole time instead of fidgeting to find a comfortable spot. Thank-you for such a great product. I am telling all the passengers in our chapter about it. Keep up the good work.
Mt. Juliet, TN

You were right. The new design you guys came up with on this chopper pillion works great. These big round fenders over the 360 tire are tough to find a pillion to fit right, Nobody offers anything that fits this good and rides as comfortable as the ButtyBuddy and we especially like the way we can take it apart and drop it in that bag when we park the bike. Thanks again for fast shipping, it got here on time for us.
-Jerrard H. South San Gabriel. CA


We sort of went through this earlier, and I will advise many of you to get your minds out of the gutter and think about your passengers derrière! Some of you will remember me asking if you had any experience with the Butty Buddy.....THERE YOU GO AGAIN!!! GET OUT OF THE GUTTER, PEOPLE... I'm about to tell you something usefull! Now.... as I was saying, I asked if anyone had experience with the Butty Buddy and a couple of you knew someone who had one and liked it. Now you know someone else who has one and likes it!

First ride my Wife took, of any distance at all, was about an hour long. At about 45 minutes she developed some discomfort at her Coccyx which...KNOCK IT OFF! THAT'S HER TAILBONE!!....remained uncomforabe for the rest of the ride to our destination and the entire return trip. She was still tender the next day.

Yesterday, we rode for an hour and a half and I was less comfortable than her! We got a Butty Buddy and it works GREAT!!! We ran a total of 165 miles, 20 on some pretty rough road, and she says she was never uncomfortable. Best thing we've bought for the C-50 yet! You can see it at

You will probably get a lot of orders from Texas once everybody sees mine. I love it, thanks for a great product.
Bob L.
Tyler TX

"To anyone interested in buying a Butty Buddy. It will be the best money you have ever spent. Your bottom will Love it and and hubby will Love it too.
If you are a woman, tiny or not so, this is the ultimate seat for you. I have used my Butty Buddy on a two seater that my husband liked for the bike, now when he recustoms his bike again we will be using the Butty Buddy on the bare fender. I really want to thank you for going over and above on customer service, and if my husband does go to a one seater I won't care, and my bottom will still Love me.
A Loyal customer.
Rosemary C.

My wife likes the seat and I like the Roman Road tract.
Bill M. (age 82)
Brownwood, TX

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful you're product is! I was very skeptical at first, but after getting it adjusted (the trickiest part!), I could ride for 2 hours without a break instead of 15 minutes! My husband needed a break before I did! You really should advertise more aggressively, as we stumbled upon you by accident and have been telling everyone we know about it! Thanks again, -
Carrie "Kiki" B
Pudacah KY

Newark, NJ

Greetings Bob and Amy,
My ButtyBuddy far exceeds my expectations!! I have even contacted our local bike shops including Claire’s Cycle & Sports Limited (I initially called them to see if they carried your products.) and they were extremely interested in stocking your ButtyBuddy! They immediately saw the uniqueness of the product and anticipated a great demand. Thanks again for a wonderful product that really works and does what it is meant to do.
Margery C.
Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful you're product is! I was very skeptical at first, but after getting it adjusted (the trickiest part!), I could ride for 2 hours without a break instead of 15 minutes! My husband needed a break before I did! You really should advertise more aggressively, as we stumbled upon you by accident and have been telling everyone we know about it! Thanks again,
-Carrie "Kiki" B. in Kentucky

-JOHN G. New Jersey

Dear Butty Buddy,
My wife broke her coccyx bone (tail bone) when she was a younger and has always had severe discomfort on long rides- constantly shifting and raising up. With the easy to install Butty Buddy, this is a thing of the past. I can finally ride non-stop until I hit reserve now!
Thanks so much for a wonderful product!
Allan M.
Miami, Florida

Today I received the Butty Buddy I ordered and was excited to put it together. True to the testimonials I read on your site, it was a quick assembly and adjustment. Great quality and ingenious design!
Michael – Farmington Texas

Hi Bob:
I have received my Butty Buddy and went on the maiden voyage last night!
It took a little getting used to but once we made a slight placement adjustment - well it was amazing! When I got off the bike it did not feel like I had been kicked for an hour! I am so glad I took the gamble and tried your product out.
I would love to market this product in Canada. I do have a sales and account management background and actually I am currently on working notice to the end of June 2008 because our company has been sold and my position gone. The Honda dealership we service our bike is really interested in seeing the live product.
Please let me know if I can help.
Thank you.
Camille, Ontario, Canada

We received the Butty Buddy seat about 6 or 8 weeks ago. A couple of days after it arrived we on a Saturday ride maybe 200 miles. Shawn would not put the straps on it because he just didn’t want to (go figure). While getting on the bike I kicked it off on the ground first thing and thought here we go, this is a piece of crap! And I also didn’t like the way I could rock side to side on it either. Anyway I had agreed to try it for a few miles, but my mind was made up that I was going to send the d_ _ n thing back. After about an hour or so, it just occurred to me that I was more comfortable on the bike than I had ever been (and oh how I hated to admit that). It just hit me I had quit fretting about how it felt weird to me at first. I have now ridden my ButtyBuddy seat over a thousand miles now and really gotten used to it. It feels very secure to me now that I know that thing absolutely won’t come off until I tke if off. Where I go on the bike, it always goes with me. Thank you guys for a great invention, I LOVE IT!!!
Carly S, Overland Park, Kansas

Hello folks, I ordered one of the buttybuddy seats last fall and my wife just started riding for the season . She always had a problem with here right leg going numb. NO MORE , she said she loves the seat and now looks foward to riding more,
thanks Ken

Hello ButtyBuddies
This seat came this morning and thank you for your prompt information about the tracking number. As soon as my husband got home he put it on our bike in no time and we rode for about 2 hours. This thing is going to change my life! I love it and thank you so much.
-Abbie F. Albany, Ga

Here is the picture I promised and thanks again for my wonderful ButtyBuddy seat. I'm serious, it has totally changed the whole riding experience for me...this thing is wonderful!

Michelle H.
Portland Indiana

Just a note to thank you for such a wonderful product. We live in Hawaii and almost every day is good enought weather to ride, except when my husband bought his two bikes he had no idea that the back seat area would be so uncomfortable for me that I would find it virtually impossible to ride with him due to the small tapered seats. We looked into seat replacement but found the the prices more than we wanted to spend. Then I found your product on the internet and decided to order it as we were considering selling both bikes if we could not find a cost effective comfortable seat for me. Since ordering your product I am able to ride in comfort on the back of both my husbands bikes. I love your product as it is so comfortable and worth every penny!

Thank you for such a great product!
Tamar G.


Thanks guys... best Christmas present I've ever gotten. I sort of had some doubts about it when I first got on it, but it was feeling really good about it in no time at all. It is seriously the most comfortable riding seat I have ever been on. I hope you have a great new year with that awesome ButtyBuddy seat. I sure am going to with mine, thanks again!
Chrissie R. San Jose, California

We were wary and thought the buttybuddy seat would be be another pad filled with who knows what, but this thing really does work. It really is a seriously big seat when you snap it together that fits under every square inch of my wifes blessed tush. She went crazy over it! I believe your Buttybuddy really might be a thousand mile seat, she’s excited about finding out here in a few days! Somebody should have thought of this sooner... good luck with it man and thanks returning my call and for the fast service. Some of our buddies plan to order theirs after first of the year.
Dennis B. Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the quick service! It rained us out anyway. We got the Butty Butty Seat by UPS last Thursday but I has rained till today we got a chance to ride a while. I had it adjusted and on my Shadow in about 10 minutes... real simple like the instructions said. Anna was kindof skeptical when she first got on it and said it wiggled and felt weird. She agreed to try it anyway and we stopped in about 30 minutes and I asked her if she wanted to take it back off and put her pad back on, she told me don’t you touch ... im feeling fine about it now and it really does feel comfy. We rode about 3 more hours and she loves her Butty seat now! She gets it out for even short rides (she gave her gel pad away... Good job you guys.
James P.
Indianapolis, IN

My ol lady had a d _ _ _ hard time on my soft tail custom riding all the way from Fayette. We had ordered her a gel pad that helped for a little while, but she was raising h_ _ _ and fit to be tied by the time we got to Myrtle beach. She had seen your ButtyBuddy seat in one of the bike magazines a few months ago, but never thought much more about it then we accidentally came by your booth at Myrtle Beach Bike Week and got to actually see one. You guys saved my life man! She sat on your ButtyBuddy seat and it was instant love. We gave the gel pad to a friend of ours that next day and bought her ButtyBuddy for the trip back. You would have to whip her to try and take it from her. She says its like sitting on a big rocking chair back there now and so I’m a h _ _ _ of a lot happier too! That was a good idea somebody came up with there.
Edmund M. Fayette, KY

Buttybuddy is awesome and was so easy to adjust, thank you so much. I will remember your good business and let others know of what a great product you offer. My wife noticed a difference within 30 minutes of riding. Thanks again.
Stephan H. Bakersfield, CA

My husband and I had talked about me making the long ride from Palma to the Bike Week at Myrtle Beach. I have had chronic problems with my back for years and wasn’t sure it was a good idea for me. I had done a couple of long rides previously, and I had to stop and rest frequently, and to be honest, it wasn’t very pleasurable for me at all. We talked about buying a large replacement seat that might help me, but he honestly did not want to change the fancy small seat he has on his motorcycle. As we were looking on the web at the seats, I recalled seeing your ButtyBuddy seat in one of my husband’s magazines a while back, so I dug it up and gave you guys a call to talk about it. I really appreciated you answering all my questions; you were so patient and nice to take so much time with me, thank you. I was still skeptical of a good sales pitch though, but my husband convinced me to order one 2nd day air and give it a try so we could maybe try and make this trip. We got it airmail in plenty of time and Isaac had it fitted on the back of his motorcycle in no time at all. He thought it was a great concept, but I got to tell you, I thought it was a kind of foolish looking thing and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to get on it, but I did. We decided to go ahead for a short spin and try it out so off we went! It felt quite different at first, and frankly I thought I just wasn’t going to like it, but after maybe fifteen minutes of riding on it I forgot my fretting and wiggling, and realized "hey... this thing is feeling pretty comfortable... real comfortable as a matter of fact... and very secure feeling underneath me." I was so excited about us making the Myrtle Beach trip and it worked out so beautifully for me and my back never bothered me at all, and no more frequent rest stops -that’s probably a first no kidding! It wasn’t a "thousand miles", but maybe next trip! That weird little seat has given me a whole new opportunity to enjoy our motorcycle, not just endure it! I promise I am going to show all our friends and tell them how nice and helpful you people are! P.S., I didn’t get a chance to get to your booth and say hi like I promised, maybe next time! God Bless!
Helen M. Palma Ceia, FL

Yes it hit the door yesterday and thanks for going the xtra effort and got it here in time. This thing is crazy cool man like I had it set on my Jixer in no time. My girl said sends you guys hugs n kisses for saving her boney hinend! We live on 2 wheels and that buttybuddys a sweet deal man!
JJ Ragman, Long Beach, CA

I got my Butty Buddy today ...Adjusted it ..Put it on the Pillion Pad...The Wife got on it we went for a ride ...I cant get her to get of the bike and come in the house ...She says its just too comfy ....She said to tell you Thanks for a better way to ride a rigid frame bike ...If you want a pic. I can send you one ...
Bob L. Tyler, TX

butty buddy on pillion pad

I received the butty buddy on friday the 9th November ....the partner was very skeptical but assembled and fitted in about two mins....sat her on and we went off on a round trip of about 150 miles...never heard a peep from her...no fidgeting or any thing....when she got off she said that was the most comfortable she had ever been......gentle men....I take my hat off to you. your product is the best....the delivery was fantastic theres nothing more I can say....but should you want an agent in the uk.....please let it be me......
Stuart H.
United Kingdom

Hey Bob,
You were right. This ButtyBuddy seat is the only way to fly on these big Choppers! Kat can ride this beast with me all day now- in fact that ButtyBuddy seat of hers is more comfortable than mine! Those huge suction cups mounts were the biggest I have ever seen, It was very simple to set up, and you’re absolutely not going to get that thing back off the fender unless you lift those releases... I think every chopper should come with one of these... I bet you would like that! You should put my wife on your payroll... I think she might be the best salesperson you have! It’s one of the best new ideas we have ever seen.
Arron M. Midland, TX



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