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Staying Safe on Your Bike This Winter


Motorcycles are a lot of fun and offer opportunities for freedom and enjoying the open road. However, during winter, the driving conditions can quickly become unsafe in much of the country, and motorcyclists are at higher risk than most. The following are a few safety tips for motorcyclists during the months of ice and snow.

  • Wear the right gear. Bikers spend their traveling time exposed to the ice, snow, and bitter wind during the winter, with only their clothes and helmets to keep them warm and dry. When it gets really cold, a motorcyclist stays warm by layering and dressing smart. The innermost layer should wick away sweat, while the middle layers should be somewhat loose to allow for insulation. The outer layer should be a shell protecting the rider from both water and wind.
  • Don't ride in the snow. Falling snow reduces visibility both for bikers and for drivers, and makes for slippery riding conditions. If it starts snowing while you're out on your bike, find a good stopping place as quick as you can.
  • Make sure your lights work. Winter weather makes visibility a pain for everyone, and if a driver can't see the lights of your motorcycle, then he or she could easily run into you. Avoid wrecks by getting strong lights that work efficiently.

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