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Getting Your Motorcycle License


Having a motorcycle license is the only way to legally ride your motorcycle. Luckily, getting one is similar to a regular driver's license. Follow these steps to obtain yours:

  • Study the handbook. Your state's motor vehicle agency's website will have a motorcyclist handbook. This handbook is typically available free for download. Obtain and study it, as the information will help you get your learner's permit.
  • Get your learner's permit. There is typically a small application fee to obtain a permit, as well as a written test. Every state has different rules on how long you must hold the permit before applying for a license. Spend this time learning to ride your motorcycle.
  • Take the test. Cruiser models can be the best for taking your first motorcycle test, as they have a low center of gravity. Schedule your road test with your local motor vehicle agency. You may also have to take a written test. If you fail any portion of the test, you have a timeframe within which you can retake it rather than starting the whole process over.
  • Get your license. Once you pass all the tests, get in line to have your picture taken and pay any fees your state requires. Congratulations! You're now a licensed motorcycle driver.



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