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Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet


When riding a motorcycle, safety is a top priority. Picking the right helmet is essential to keeping you protected on the road. There are a lot of motorcycle helmets on the market, and to the untrained eye, they may seem interchangeable. There are actually many different kinds of helmets, and picking the right one is important for your safety. Consider the following questions before making your choice.


  1. What's my head shape? If your helmet is too round for your head, it can put unnecessary pressure on your forehead. If it's too oval, it will uncomfortably squeeze the sides of your head. Try on a helmet for a while to see if it's right for your head shape – any sustained discomfort while riding can lead to more serious problems such as headaches or interrupted vision.


  1. What's my head size? Choosing the wrong size helmet is unsafe. If your helmet is too loose, it could fall off when you need it most. If it's too tight, it can cause physical problems. Measure your head with a cloth measuring tape. Run the tape above your eyebrows and past the thickest point in the back.


  1. Is it adjustable? Your size needs may fluctuate as you change your hair, or you may want to lend your helmet to someone else. Consider an adjustable helmet.


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