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Since their conception, motorcycles have carried a reputation of danger and risk, and the men and women who ride them have shared in and enlarged that reputation. “Biker Culture” has come to refer to a tough lifestyle of men and women riding loud, powerful bikes. In reality, there are many reasons people ride, and a variety of lifestyles are represented. Bikers have now become a nationwide force for good in many places.

Because of the attraction that motorcycles hold for all people due to their “coolness” and fun factor, biker groups can quickly gather a devoted following. One group of bikers, for example, has made it their mission to protect children from abuse. Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) has become a presence all over the country and has made enormous strides in protecting children from the abuse of parents or step-parents.

Biker rallies occur all over the country and are another great way that bikers are having a positive influence on society. The “Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom” brings over 400,000 bikers to Washington, DC in honor of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. The “Ride for Kids” is a charity event in which riders are encouraged, but not required, to donate to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. 

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