Butty Buddy Motorcycle Seats

Early Versions of the Passenger Seat


In the earliest years, motorcycles resembled bicycles and did not have seats to accommodate passengers. Seats for passengers were added to bike frames with springs and sat above the rear wheel. The spring mounted passenger seats did cause stability issues, however. As the motorcycle evolved, the seats did as well. Motorcycle saddles added padding over the metal frames and were covered in soft leather. Room for passengers developed as early as the mid-1940’s when the leather seats were elongated for additional riders. 

Before the mid-1960’s, motorcycle saddles had become overstuffed and widened in the back. Seat design differed by manufacturer, but in many cases, passenger seats were designed as dual models that looked like an oversized saddle. For passengers, these seats were uncomfortable because of the wide leg positioning. 

It was during the 1960’s Chopper craze that passenger seats were designed with passengers in mind. This feature was raised so passengers could see over the operator’s head. However, the raised position meant passengers were prone to being hit with debris and the higher center of gravity made balance difficult for operators. Ultimately, the design was short-lived.

When the demand for motorcycles diminished in the United States, it increased in Italy and Japan. Passenger seats of foreign-designed motorcycles featured a slimmer model that created a comfortable ride for passengers. The slimmer seat became a precursor to the modern passenger seats designed today.

Then came the ButtyBuddy! The Butty Buddy is a comfort concept so unique that it was awarded a United States Patent in 2002, and is the result of four years of development and refinement. Simply put, there is nothing else like it in the world. It is lightweight, portable, and adapts securely to most existing passenger seats. ButtyBuddy can even be attached to bare fenders on solo bikes like choppers with its exclusive monster suction-cups. No matter how you use it, installation and removal requires only a matter of seconds, and it stows away in its own convenient tote.



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