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Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding with a Passenger


A passenger can pose major safety risks if they are unfamiliar with motorcycles. Transporting another person by motorcycle may be illegal without a full motorcycle license. Even if done legally, it is important that the driver and passenger are prepared to ride together. Aside from making sure the bike is equipped to carry a passenger, riders should not assume passengers know what to do. 

To safely ride with a passenger, follow these tips:

  • Ensure the passenger is wearing necessary riding gear. Passengers should wear helmets, gloves, pants, and other protective gear. 
  • Provide a safety briefing, especially if the passenger has never been on a motorcycle before. Explain the importance of leaning into turns, keeping feet in place, and not making any sudden movements.
  • Practice in a parking lot or other safe place. A passenger means a change in weight and the necessity to adapt quickly. Balance with a passenger becomes more difficult at low speeds and slow turns. Continued practice will also help first-time passengers learn to safely mount and dismount the motorcycle. 
  • Break sooner and allow more time for passing. Be extra cautious about clearance and turns. Make gear shifts as smooth as possible to avoid any knocking of helmets. 

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