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How to be Safe Riding at Night


Even during the day, motorcycle riding can be dangerous. At night, there are more dangers to be concerned about. However, nothing beats the wind in your face and hair. Instead of not riding, know ways to ride smart. 

Here are some tips for riding safely at night.

  • Pay attention to your visor: Small scratches and nicks on helmet visors may not matter much during the day, but at night they can distort your field of vision. Consider replacing a visor that has too many scratches.
  • Reflective clothing: Make yourself as visible as possible to other drivers on the road. Wearing black can cause a rider to blend in with the landscape. Bright colors are better for night riding, as is clothing with reflective strips
  • Check lights: Be sure that all lights on the bike are working at full capacity and are not dimmed by grime or buildup.   
  • Watch out for animals: Unfortunately, drivers aren't the only ones who may not be able to see motorcycles at night. Nocturnal animals may also be a concern for riders. Be on alert for movement on the side of roads, especially when driving through woodland areas. 
  • Don't show off: It may be tempting, but nighttime is the worst time of day to show off on the road. Keep your riding cautious and alert.

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