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All Motorcycle Passenger Seat Pads Aren't Equal


You’ve surely heard of tennis elbow; joggers often run into problems with their knees; and enthusiastic motorcyclists and their passengers know all about “biker butt.” It doesn’t take long riding on the narrow, ill-fitting passenger seat of a bike before the pain starts to set in.

Passenger Seat Pads

While a seat pad may help to lessen discomfort, the problem of a poorly shaped passenger seat is still an issue. When you consider the shape of the seat, it’s no wonder! A seat pad – no matter how well cushioned or soft – will always be a band-aid to a much more pervasive problem. Sheepskin and gel air pads are great in theory, but the problem is that the seat’s shape provides terrible support, resulting in pain.

That’s where the ButtyBuddy comes in!

The answer is simple: a seat pad isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, the product designers behind ButtyBuddy have realized that comfort is everything, which is why this product is not just a seat pad but an actual seat. By making the seat wider than the built-in passenger seat on your bike and by shaping it properly, ButtyBuddy has achieved something that a gel pad or air cushion will never provide: comfort and support.

Just listen to what these happy customers had to say!



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