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Face it. Most passenger seats on motorcycles typically run the gamut of something like a six-inch square of leather or vinyl covered foam that quickly feels like sitting on concrete, to something resembling a barcalounger. And the latter usually comes with a bike that will set you back north of twenty grand. What to do to give your passenger a better riding experience without entering a long-term commitment with a bank? Butty Buddy could be the answer. We featured this in our Holiday Wish List and had to call it out. Butty Buddy is a portable seat that spans a full 13.5 inches, and cushions and supports your passenger's posterior and lower back in a way that will leave them wanting to ride even longer. While we haven't tried it for really long trips, it's evidently earned it's nicknamed the thousand mile sea. We can tell you that our passengers on short day trips have liked it. It attaches over any existing seat that's no more than 11 inches wide and there's a version that fits over most bare fenders with a special suction cup kit. It will literally fit on just about any kind of bike. And when you're riding solo, the whole thing breaks down into a small bag that won't take up much room in your bags.



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